Who We Are

Provide quality living environments
that enhance integration into
the community

Independent Living /
Supported Family Living


Our staff can provide scheduled one-to-one support each week. These hours can be spent in the individual’s home or out in the community.

Person-centered plans

Our plans are always tailored to the individual and their goals. We believe in equipping people with the skills they need to live a life that’s meaningful to them.

support could include:

Accessing medical services
Recreational and social activities
Money management
Meal preparation
Health and hygiene
Home maintenance and cleaning

Payee services
Medication assistance

Shared Living


Shared Living Providers (SLPs) create an opportunity for people with disabilities to live in a private family home while receiving individualized care. SLPs can be an ideal transition for people who have been living in a group home or independently, but now need more individualized care.

How It Works

First, families go through extensive screening and training. Then, they’re matched with an individual who will move into their home. The family can provide support with self-care needs, money management, medical care, and leisure/recreational activities.

Group Homes


Our group homes provide a comfortable and friendly environment with 24-hour care and supervision. Depending on your loved one’s needs and abilities, you can choose varying levels of support and training.


We have no more than three persons per house. We take each placement seriously and make every attempt to match age/similar likes for the persons who live together. Many of the people we support enjoy living together for years.

Daily Activities

All residents are encouraged to participate in household chores and activities that match their strengths and abilities. It’s a great way for people living in the home to connect, grow their skills, and share meaningful contributions to others every day.

Example Activities

Family-style meal
Shared cleaning responsibilities
Planning fun activities
Meal preparation
Community activities.
Medical administration and appointments.
Payee Services
Independent living skills training